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        2. about LASPEF

          LASPEF is a completely integrated manufacturer of protective film&tape. We execute every facet of the production process on site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives, to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing and shipping—it is all done under one roof. That is why we can offer the highest quality products at such phenomenally low prices!
          Since 2002 LASPEF has been supplying protective film&tape to meet virtually protection needs- including custom applications-in the metals, plastics, glass, PVC&Aluminum profile, carpet and hard floor etc. MORE Alternate Text
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          Qingdao Laishun Plastics Co., Ltd

          Address:Zhonghuabu Industrial Park, Jihongtan Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China 266111


          Tel:+86-053266851689 Ext: 801 or 802


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